Frequently asked questions:


Can I have window graphics that you can see out of but not in through?

Yes- we can print onto a perforated media which is ideal for buses and shop windows. It allows the viewer on the outside to see the graphic, but the person on the inside of the bus or shop can see out to the street as normal.


Are there different types of window graphics?

Yes we can print onto perforated media, clear vinyl or clear vinyl backed with a white background.


How easy is it to remove window graphics?

The longer the vinyl is applied the more adhered it becomes. Removability and durability depends on the vinyl type.


Can I supply my own artwork for my window graphics?

Yes – we are able to print from high res or vectored PDF, EPS, TIFF or AI files. You can send your print ready artwork to us by email or if file is over 10mb via our FTP server.

Window Graphics

Large glass window spaces need to be marked to prevent accidents and comply with health and safety regulations. However, this can be used in a positive way by using this as advertising space.

Window graphics can be used to promote corporate branding or used to advertise special offers to attract custom inside. We can provide you with a variety of different window graphics such as etched or frosted glass effect, full colour graphics to cover large areas or window decals - smaller shaped graphics.

If you require a print that the viewer is able to see out of the window but viewers cannot see in then you need one way vision window graphics. This specialist self adhesive vinyl can have full colour graphics printed onto it. One way vision graphics are ideal for bus shelters, retail, bus windows.

One Way Vision Is Ideal For:

Bus Shelters
Bus Windows
Telephone Boxs
Rail Stations